25 Powerful Open-Ended Questions to Boost Sales


25 Powerful Open-Ended Questions to Boost Sales

Even the least experienced salespeople admit that getting leads is simple. But it is the real art to turn those leads into buyers.

According to the WordStream blog post, a typical website conversion rate is about 2,35%. Although, the top 10% of companies with excellent marketing strategies get a 3 to 5 times higher conversion rate. If you are not one of those, you have much space to grow.

One of the secrets of turning a lead into a client is to convince them that your goods or services are exactly what they need. And to achieve that, you must be aware of what they actually need. Yep, simple as that.

To receive more information about your potential customer, strive to bring up powerful open-ended sales questions. More questions lead to greater chances to get valuable information. In addition to putting proper queries, you must motivate…

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