Stop Talking About Products And Start Talking About Problems



By Liz Heiman

At many companies, salespeople and marketers focus on products when talking to customers – not business problems. 

The challenge is to get your sales and marketing team to focus on your customer’s business problems. Do this and you’ll hear customers ask the magic question“Can you do that for me?” 

The question “Can you do that for me?” means your messaging hit a nerve. You named a problem the buyer needs to solveBut customers almost never ask that when sellers talk about products. They only ask it when sellers talk about problems. 

Are your clients saying, “Can you do that for me? or some version of it? 

  • “Can you make my shipping process that easy?”
  • “Can you teach me how to do that?”
  • “Can you make it so that never happens again?”

If you don’t hear customers ask…

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