SaaS sales negotiations 101: How to respond to discount inquiries


SaaS sales negotiations 101 How to respond to discount inquiries

Prospects will sometimes reach out and ask for a discount before they even sign up for a trial. What do you do when that happens?

Instead of debating if you should or shouldn’t offer them a discount right away, you need to refocus their energy on what really matters: your product!

Let’s explore the four core reasons why you never want to negotiate pricing before someone had a chance to trial your product and determine that it’s a good fit.

1. You’re starting the relationship on the wrong foot

People who ask you to lower your prices before they invested any time into using your product are usually trouble.

This can often lead to winning a new customer that is going to expect you to give 24/7 premium phone support, prioritize features based on their needs all while trying to pay you pennies on the dollar.

If you…

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