Remote onboarding: a guide for newly-remote teams [from a People Ops Specialist]


Remote onboarding a guide for newly-remote teams [from a People Ops Specialist]

 by Sara Bent

If your team has suddenly found itself transitioning from working in an office to working at home, you’re likely facing many unexpected challenges. One of them is what to do with your new team membershow do you welcome and onboard a new team member when your company is remote?

I’m Sara, the People Ops Specialist with Hotjar. I’ve been working here for three and a half years and have amassed a lot of experience with onboarding team members remotely. We are continuously making improvements to our processes, but hopefully, the lessons we’ve learned so far can help you face these challenges with your newly-remote team.

Onboarding at Hotjar is split into three stages:

Stage 1: point of offer → signed contract

Stage 2: signed contract → first day

Stage 3: first day and onwards

If you’re a newly-remote company and you’re used to being able…

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