Examples of Good Cold Emails And 4 Reasons Why They Work


Examples of Good Cold Emails And 4 Reasons Why They Work

by Josh Turner

In today’s #MarketingMinute post I’m going to be talking about four keys to writing cold email that converts.

And when I refer to cold email, this might be people who are cold prospects completely.

It might be people you haven’t engaged with in a long while or people your touch with on LinkedIn.

Or maybe you met at a conference, event, or social function.

Just any group of prospects that you don’t have much of a relationship with at this point.

People dislike cold email because most people are terrible at it.

Because they take one of two misinformed paths.

The Lazy Path

They get blinded by the idea of email automation and they forget completely about the recipient on the other end of the email.

The “Silver Bullet” Path

They are looking for one magic…

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