In the race to shore up revenue, publishers are overlooking deal terms


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Many publishers are struggling to keep their business models afloat with cookies dying and brands tightening their ad spend in an age of pandemic and recession. To contend with unprecedented challenges, publishers have taken to implementing a wide variety of new tactics. Some are turning to alternate revenue streams, such as subscriptions and affiliate marketing. Others are onboarding technology tools to improve ad targeting and become more appealing to brands.

These tactics are undoubtedly effective — but they’re expensive to implement, and they can’t fix fundamental ad revenue shortfalls. And many publishers are struggling to master a basic, foundational step on the path to ad monetization: setting favorable deal terms with partners.

For publishers, the first steps to robust revenue are elemental

Publishers rely on vendors to serve them the ad revenue they’ve rightfully earned — but unfavorable terms can handicap an entire campaign, or even an…

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