“I’m Too Busy To Prospect”


I’m Too Busy To Prospect

by David Brock

I’m constantly amazed at the fear that strikes at the hearts of salespeople with the mention of the word, “Prospecting.”  While it doesn’t strike fear into my heart, it’s still something a don’t like to do  (though there are ways to make it more enjoyable).

It’s also interesting to hear all the reasons and excuses salespeople dream up to avoid prospecting, “I have a proposal that’s due, I have a meeting on this deal, I’m busy prepping the demo for that deal…….  The dog ate my prospecting script.”  There’s no end to the creativity to the reasons why we can’t find the time to prospect.

To some degree not wanting to prospect is a basic sanity test, “Do you want to spend your time interrupting people’s days?  Do you want the majority of people to tell you, ‘No, I’m not interested,’  ………. or would you prefer to work qualified…

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