Showcase these 5 essential skills to show you’re a standout remote worker



by Jessica Thiefels

Your workplace communications dictate how successful you are on the job—and they also affect your productivity. In fact, the 2019 Workplace Productivity and Communications Technology Report found that nearly 15% of employees’ total work time is being wasted on poor and inefficient communications.

What’s more, 40% of learning and development leaders are focused on training their employees in the area of communication this year, according to the2020 LinkedIn Learning Report.

Remember, when updating your résumé, showing you have the essential skills needed to be an effective communicator in different areas can help you land the job you’ve been eyeing—especially if it’s a remote position.

1. Conflict resolution skills

On average, U.S. employees spend2.1 hours per weekdealing with conflict. These issues range from minor miscommunications about workload to significant personal problems with peers or managers. Very few employers want to hire someone who is constantly…

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