Never talk price before value


Never talk price before value

Imagine you’re doing a cold call and pretty early on in the sales conversation the prospect asks you, “What’s the price?”

You probably already know better than to just give them the price. But what if they insist on it, “Just tell me the price already. There’s no reason for you or me to waste our time going through this whole conversation only to find out at the end that your price isn’t a good fit for our budget. So how much are we talking?”

Sounds reasonable. So what do you do? Give them the price range?

Let’s assume for a moment you give them a price range: “The price range is around $10,000 to $20,000 annually.”

Congratulations, you’ve just put the final nail in your coffin!

At this point, you have given away all your power in the sales conversation. You know nothing about the prospect.

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