3 Steps to Transforming the Agent Experience


3 Steps to Transforming the Agent Experience

By Robin Gareiss

As contact center technology undergoes a transformation at many organizations, so should the agent experience.

The C-suite is focused more than ever on reducing agent turnover rates and improving customer experience (CX) ratings. As 37.2% of organizations have hired chief customer officers (a relatively new executive position responsible for all customer-facing activities and strategies), they have brought to the forefront CX issues of concern—among them, turnover rates. As a result, CX leaders are revamping the agent experience with better compensation plans, compelling career paths, and better technology capabilities.

The average annual turnover rate for contact center agents is 21.1%, which is better than it was two years ago (38%), but still too high for maximum efficiency. In fact, our research shows that when companies can keep agent turnover to less than 15%, they see a 26% improvement in customer ratings.

Steps to Transform Agent Experience

In order…

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