Six Things Leaders Must Do More Of to Create Success


Six Actions to Strengthen Your Leadership Effectiveness

1. Listen More

Effective leadership starts and ends with your communication skills. And effective communication starts with great listening.

Listening offers the double-bonus of showing respect and providing you with critical insights from the people you engage with daily. Strengthening as a listener is hard work demanding deliberate effort every day on your part.

2. Empathize More

Seeing the world through their eyes may be the most crucial leadership superpower of all. People respond positively to others when they “feel-felt.”

Your challenge is to find a way to jump out of your shoes into theirs. Look around, strive to understand the issues, challenges, goals, and obstacles from their point-of-view, and then offer support. Once you see it from their perspective, you can guide and coach with precision.

3. Trust More

We’re stingy with our trust, and in many cases, that’s a problem. Performance…

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