Want to close more deals? This is the 1 question you need to ask


How often are your deals derailed by the unexpected?

A prospect says, “We need to run this by legal” or “Technically, procurement has the final sign-off.”

When faced with surprises, many salespeople blame the prospect.

I qualified them. I asked questions. They don’t have their s__t together.

But if you’re caught off-guard by legal or procurement, you didn’t do your homework. You didn’t ask the right questions. You didn’t go for the virtual close.

After you’ve qualified a prospect, this should be one of the first questions you ask:

“What will it take for you to become a customer?”

You’re doing two things with this question: 1) exploring the prospect’s buying process, and 2) encouraging them to imagine a scenario in which they buy your product. We’ll talk about even more benefits later in this post.

Here’s what a typical conversation might look like using the virtual…

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