6 ways to have inclusive virtual meetings


A person sits at their desk on a virtual meeting
By Laura Butler

The future of work is here. And it arrived almost overnight. Whether we like it or not, we’re in the midst of a giant global experiment that’s challenging business leaders everywhere to keep their teams connected – while also keeping them far apart.

In living memory, we’ve never been this physically isolated. And we’ve never been in greater need of a true sense of community and belonging at work. Many companies are bridging the gap with internal webinars, drop-in Zoom meetings, and Slack channels organized around employees’ common interests.

For some leaders, especially those who are already on a digital transformation trajectory, this is business as usual – but on speed. For others, it’s a whole new world of work, with unforeseen challenges and pitfalls to navigate. Count me in the former camp. I work for a global company that specializes in connecting remote teams, so Zoom…

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