6 specific questions to ask when interviewing for a remote position


Do not assume every person is cut out to work remotely. Instead, treat the ability to function well in a remote environment as a specific skill, just like knowing a second language or being an effective communicator. Interview questions that can aid in figuring out how suited the individual is to remote work include:

  • A Performance Profile that identifies the tasks, behaviors, skills, education and experience needed for each role
  • 5 things that are needed to host a successful remote interview
  • An inventory of task-focused behavioral questions
  • Prove-it-to-me activities to use during the interview process
  • A remote interview evaluation and process for making improvements

Have you ever worked remotely before?

Possessing a track record of successfully telecommuting for previous employers supports the notion that this candidate understands what this arrangement entails and can handle it. Even if the applicant hasn’t worked remotely full-time, being able to talk about some experience…

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