How to Build a Presentation: The 7-Step Method for Speaking with Influence


How to Build a Presentation The 7-Step Method for Speaking with Influence

Want to know how to write a speech or build a presentation? Follow my 7-step method for speaking with influence!

You’re experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about your topic. Equally important, you’re committed to giving listeners something that will help change their lives.

But do you know how to move an audience enough to make that happen? Whether you’re speaking in person or virtually, how you relate to your audience is a key factor in your success.

It’s a new world now! Do you speak with presence and poise in Zoom and other online meetings? Get my free guide“Essential Speaking Tips for Video Conferences.” 

However much information you possess, it won’t resonate with audiences unless they perceive you as a leader they can trust and follow. Better still, the more memorable you are as a speaker, the more people will be inspired by what you say and…

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