Top Salespeople Often Make Bad Sales Managers—Here’s How to Avoid This


by Steve Milano

You’ve worked hard to be a top salesperson in your organization. Now you want to make the move to the sales manager or director. The bad news is, based on your successful track record in sales, you’ll probably get the job. This is especially true if you work at a small- or medium-sized business.

Why can a promotion be a bad thing for successful sales reps? Because many new leaders soon find out that being able to sell a product isn’t the same thing as training others how to sell. Nor does it qualify you to make informed decisions about the distribution, pricing, or marketing responsibilities that are part of a director’s job.

If you’re gunning for the top sales position at your company, here’s how you can prepare to land the role and excel once you’ve been promoted.

6 Tips for Getting Promoted Into a Sales…

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