4 Things Your Worst Salespeople Can Teach You


4 Things Your Worst Salespeople Can Teach You

By Keith Johnstone

If you are a sales leader who leaves work frustrated because of the ineptitude of your sales team you are not alone.  The most recent State of Sales study released by SalesForce reveals that high-performing sales teams represent a mere 20% of all sales organizations.

For leaders with aggressive growth and revenue mandates, meeting targets only half of the time isn’t good enough. It’s why the average tenure has dropped to just 18 months.

As an executive, determining which changes must be made to improve the performance of your sales force is a task that can take months. It requires deep dives into lead, pipeline, and customer segment data.

At Peak Sales Recruiting, we have received feedback from world-class clients and the answers often comes from the unlikeliest of sources: your worst salespeople.

Here are the 4 things your worst salespeople can teach you:

1) Your Recruiting Process is Broken:


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