65 common interview questions and how to answer them


by Ashley Jones

One of the biggest parts ofpreparing for a job interviewis learning how to answer commoninterview questions, especiallybehavioral interview questions, which you can use theSTAR methodto answer. Although you likely won’t be asked every single question on this list, having a general idea of how you might answer questions that come up during your interview will help you think fast on your feet. Learn how to answer these 65 common interview questions so you are fully prepared for your next job interview.

1.Tell me about yourself
Not so much a question, as it is a requirement for an interview. Be sure to have a succinctelevator pitchready to fire off that aptly describes your background.

2. What are your strengths?
Instead of listing off a bunch of adjectives, pick three strengths and give examples of how these strengths…

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