How to Attract the Right Companies and Repel the Toxic Ones


How to Attract the Right Companies and Repel the Toxic Ones

I had a conversation with a frustrated job seeker earlier today wherein he vented about his experiences involving companies he was applying to and interviewing with. Unfortunately, I hear stories about the kinds of scenarios this gentleman was describing almost every week.

Here’s what they typically sound like:

The company invites you in for an interview. It seems promising. They say they’ll be inviting you back – and then they never call you again.

Or much of the pertinent information regarding the position in the job ad turns out to be misleading, omitted, or false.

Or they give you all sorts of weird reasons why you’re not “good enough” for them. You’re under-qualified. You’re overqualified.

Or they drag you along a lengthy process of 3-4 interviews, get your hopes up, and the hire someone else – someone they intended to hire all along.

Or they refuse to even entertain the concept of…

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