2021 digital marketing trends: 25 practical recommendations to implement


By Dave Chaffey

Review these digital marketing innovations to identify opportunities to improve leads and sales

There is always a huge interest in digital marketing trends and innovation in marketing as we get closer to the new year. And rightly so, since reviewing innovation in digital marketing, technology, and platforms for the year ahead can help marketers identify new opportunities that agile businesses and marketers can tap into… if they’re looking in the right place and know the right questions to ask…

Each year, for the last ten years, I have assessed the digital marketing landscape to help give recommendations on the digital marketing trends marketers should focus on in the future.

In this year’s guidance on the Smart Insights blog I will cover what I see as the main trends across ourRACE customer lifecycle frameworkwhich defines 25 key digital marketing activities that can be harnessed by businesses…

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