8 Thoughtful Ways To Remind Your Clients How Much They Mean To You


Photocredit: Fauxels | Pexels

by John Hall, Co-founder at Calendar.com, Strategist, and Keynote Speaker

While running errands last year, I heard a squealing sound that warned me it was time to get my brake pads changed. When I tried to make an appointment, though, I was met with an unanswered phone. And when I finally got in touch with someone, they rudely told me it would be at least two weeks.

I had been with this mechanic for years, but I had noticed that his customer service and professionalism were slipping. While I didn’t expect a same-day appointment, two weeks was too long to put this off. So I found a new mechanic.

At the new shop, I got in the next day, and the owner chatted with me for 15 minutes so he could get to know me. At the end of the year, he sent a gift card to a…

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