“A Perspective 101 Series” – Selling Features, Advantages and Benefits


Selling Features, Advantages & Benefits

I know it will be a huge benefit to your sales team and papers.  Several small papers have told me, they have no resources to attend conferences and meetings or to provide training, but your sales team needs the encouragement and communication to help bring them to the next level in your organization.

Many of you I have spoken with, will take the material and use it to train NEW salespeople, who join your team later, to jump-start them.  I insist you add your own stories to the presentation as well. Plus, many of you want to do a Sales Training Manual to share with NEW employees and the current team as well.  Having the Digital files will help you keep these files on hand plus add more of your own material.

This material is EASY to present at your Sales Meetings and I am…

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