7 Tips to Help Your Salespeople with Selling to Existing Accounts


strategic account management tips

Written by:Lisa Rose

According toMarketing Metrics, the probability of selling to existing accounts who are happyis up to 14x higher than the probability of selling to anew customer. Selling to existing customers is much easier than finding new customers, but many salespeople don’t have the skills to do it well.

As a sales manager, you can help your sales team tap into the revenue potential of their existing customer base by coaching them on these essential skills.

Tip 1. Prioritize Accounts

Some accounts provide more opportunity than others. Help your salespeople identify where to focus their time and attention based on factors such as size, industry, fit, and strength of relationship.

Accounts that are open to new ideas and that welcome a more strategic relationship are usually better targets for growth. Likewise, when a company is growing aggressively, it may be more likely to provide growth opportunities for…

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