Keyboard Shortcuts for Using Virtual Desktops on Windows 10


Windows Desktop Hero


Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

Just likemost Windows 10 features, you can control several aspects of your virtual desktops without a mouse. At this writing, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to manage your virtual desktops:

  • Windows+Tab:Open Task View.
  • Windows+Ctrl+D:Create a new virtual desktop.
  • Windows+Ctrl+Left or Right Arrow:Switch between virtual desktops.
  • Windows+Ctrl+F4:Close the current virtual desktop.
  • Esc:Close Task View.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

Windows+Tab: Open Task View

The Task View screen on Windows 10.

To quickly open the Task View screen, just press Windows+Tab. A screen appears with thumbnails of each of your virtual desktops, as well as thumbnails of any applications that are running on the currently selected virtual desktop. You can also open this window by clicking the Task View button on the task bar.

In Task View, use the Tab key to move the cursor between the list of virtual…

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