Slack for Sales Teams: Boost Productivity and Increase Sales


Slack for Sales Teams Boost Productivity & Increase Sales

Want to make your salespeople more effective and efficient at closing deals — all while decreasing time in meetings and the emails in your inbox? Your sales team needs Slack.

The messaging app (available for desktop and mobile) is an intuitive way to receive automated updates on prospects. It also streamlines your sales team’s ability to share and access helpful tips and strategies with each other.

Ultimately, Slack gives your team more time to prospect, speak with potential clients, and close bigger deals. Here are eight ways your team can win with Slack.

How Sales Can Use Slack

1) Answer Client Questions Immediately

How many times have you been on a call and received a question you didn’t know the answer to? Slack gives you easy access to the answers you need — fast.

If you’re meeting with your prospect in-person, say something like, “Hmm. I…

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