Get More People To Your Webinar: 35 Webinar Promotion Tactics



Timing and planning the webinar

So, you’re planning on running a webinar, and you’re thinking about ways to maximize its reach. First order of business is: getting organized and planning all your tasks. In this section, we’ll give a few guidelines about properly timing your webinar so you have time to properly promote it.

Start promoting at least 2 weeks in advance

To properly promote a webinar, you’ll need to prepare things in advance and start the marketing push around 2 weeks in advance. That’s espcially true if you follow the tips on this page, which contain social media posts and reminders to send. They will work best if they are carefully timed.
Tip from the Livestorm team:
Launch the marketing push on Social Media 2 weeks in advance. Launch the email invites 1 week in advance.
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