12 Ways to Get Web Design Clients



12 Ways to Get Web Design Clients

Whether you’ve been building websites for years, or just starting out, finding new customers is the key to growing a successful web design business and generating a steady stream of passive income. Take the guesswork out of finding clients in your area and check out these 10 ways to generate local leads so you can start selling more websites today.1) SiteSwan’s Local Prospecting ToolSiteSwan’s Local Prospecting Tool lets you search for local businesses in your area, see which businesses do andDON’T have a website, and create a ready-to-sell demo site with just a few clicks. You can even check which sites are mobile-optimized and which need improvement.

Start by entering a keyword or industry like “Restaurant”, “Painter” or “Plumber” and enter your city & state or zip code. Our Local Prospecting Tool delivers a longlist of nearby businesses complete…

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