3 Ways To Combine Blogging And Custom Content To Supercharge Your Sales Efforts


Let’s talk about custom content.

If we don’t know each other, I’m Josh Turner, the founder and CEO of Connect 365 & Emphatic…

And, I’ve been having conversations with a lot of my clients lately, to look at their marketing and sales processes, to fire up their sales growth… because, look, right now is a time with everything going on in the world and economy, that EVERYBODY I’m talking to realizes….

…what got you here, won’t get you where you’re trying to go.

And now is the time to get even more aggressive with marketing. Naturally, the topic of content marketing (authority, thought leadership, positioning) comes up probably 75% of the time.

“Should I be creating custom content? Is it even worth the effort? How does it impact my overall marketing and sales strategy, and how can we integrate content in our sales process, to close even more deals.”I’m…

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