Sharing Is Succeeding: How to Get Your Salespeople Working Together to Drive Revenue



By Pat Barry

What is a good sales culture? How do you measure it? Personally, I have not seen a proven formula that accurately determines a good, bad or average sales culture. Historically, promotional products distributors look at sales representative retention, organic sales, and survey data—but does all that truly reflect the reality of sales culture within a particular distributorship?

I do know this: To have a prominent sales culture, you need your sales representatives to beinvolved. That can be easier said than done. Like many industry distributors,Boundlesshas an independent contractor sales force, all of whom work outside our corporate office in Austin. So, how do we keep our people involved and participating?

To improve sales participation, I believe you first need to examine thethree types of salespeopleand theirwillingness to get involved:

  • The Go Getterenjoys anything that involves team spirit and…

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