Psychographics 101: Everything You Need to Know; How It’s Used in Marketing


Written by Perrie Kapernaros 

Marketing can be a tricky game to master.

In asurvey compiled in 2019 by equity research firm Redburn and PwC, it was estimated that the marketing sector is now worth $1.7 trillion worldwide.

Consumers are perpetually bombarded with advertisements demanding their attention. From emails to billboards to social media, constant noise from an infinite number of brands is leaving marketers in a bit of a pickle.

Demographic marketing is not enough to truly reach your ideal consumers. Broad strokes no longer work the way they used to, and now it’s all about the specifics.

This is why you need psychographics.

Consider demographics as black and white outlines in a painting, and psychographics as the color.

You can see the image just fine with only the outlines in place, but to truly understand the narrative of the painting, you need full technicolor.

Psychographics is a crucial…

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