How Will You Measure Your Sales Team’s Performance in 2021?


By: Gbenga Ige 

As sales leaders look back on 2020, many aren’t sure which metrics mined from terabytes of sales data are needed to understand how to plan for, manage, and track their sales teams’ performance in 2021. And the big question on everyone’s minds is, “what data do I need to anchor the 2021 plan on?” Settle on an approach that involves looking back on the sales season desired and set up a system of metrics —behavioral, leading and outcome—that govern how your team executes.

Sales leaders are all inundated with a significant amount of data. The ability to draw insights from data (and act on these insights) is a key capability that separates winners from losers.

Working with sales leaders across a wide range of industries at SBI, we see a significant number of metrics being collected and analyzed.However, what matters is the actions that the insights drive…

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