Earn Your Customers’ Trust: How to Use Personalization and Authenticity to Reach Audiences


by Lynne Capozzi

Marketers always look for new ways to serve their customers and communities, and 2020 brought more occasions than usual. The quick transition to digital customer experiences as a result of the pandemic allowed companies to test plenty of fresh ideas to address their audiences.

The tone of customer communications also changed. The events of 2020, combined with the move to digital interaction, led marketers to decrease the use of industry jargon and messaging that customers may perceive as less than authentic communication.

The focus moved toward personalized, succinct, and transparent messaging to help create long-lasting customer relationships built on trust.

COVID has taught marketers the value of straight talk and consumers’ appreciation of value-based messaging, according to a recent global study of marketers and consumers. People are faced with a barrage of messaging from a variety of sources, leading to shortened attention spans and weariness with generic terms such as

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