7 Keys to Turning Cold Prospects into New Clients



Written byBob Croston

We all love repeat business,referrals, and inbound warm leads. The problem is you can’t scale warm leads. When these run out, so does your ability to grow your revenue, unless, of course, you prospect and drive new leads in the pipeline yourself.

If you’re looking for better success from cold meetings, consider these seven keys to turning cold prospects into new clients:

  1. Target carefully:Make sure you’re spending time with the right companies, titles, geographies and so on. If the person sitting across from you is the right profile, you have a chance. If they aren’t the right profile, all the skills in the world on your end won’t land you a new customer.
  2. Do your research:A little bit of knowledge is a good thing. A lot of knowledge is powerful. To give yourself the best chance for a successful meeting, find out as much as…

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