7 Steps to a Successful Sales Meeting When the Seller Drives the Demand


Written by Mike Schultz
President, RAIN Group

You finally got the meeting!

Now what?

While getting a buyer to say “yes” to an initial sales meeting is a battle in and of itself, much success is determined by what happens in that first meeting. There are many mistakes to avoid, especially when you’re the one setting the meeting, driving the demand for your offerings, and when you’re hosting virtual sales meetings.

At the very core, meetings set by you, and virtual meetings, flow differently than face-to-face meetings and meetings when the buyer contacts you to meet. After all, if you set the meeting, odds are the product, service, or solution you’re trying to sell isn’t on the buyer’s radar screen. You’re trying to persuade a buyer to put something on their agenda that they hadn’t otherwise been considering.

You need to connect. You need to inspire. You need to drive action. And you need…

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