7 Tips to Keep Your Salespeople Motivated


7 Tips to Keep Your Salespeople Motivated

by Agnes Lan P. Eng

Your sales people are the face of your business, which means you want to keep them happy, motivated and engaged. Sales people who perform exceptionally well are difficult to find, so when you have them, you want to keep them. However, even the happiest team members can become unmotivated at times. Salespeople oftentimes feel they are constantly under fire from having goals and quotas to meet, being the primary point of contact for potential and existing customers, and oftentimes being at the receiving end of complaints from disgruntled clients.

Still with all the demands they may be faced with, quality sales people want to succeed. Below is a list of tips to keep your sales people happy and motivated.

#1 Build Trust:There is perhaps nothing more important than staying in constant communication with your team. But, the…

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