Top 30+ Sales Skills You Need to Become a Great Sales Rep (and Add to Your Resume)


by Max Altschuler

Do you want to get better at sales? And beef up your sales resume so you could land a higher-paying sales job with generous compensation? There are certain hard and soft sales skills you need to master, and of course, back it up with increased revenue numbers credited to your performance.

We’ve done our research and compiled the top 30 sales representative skills you need to master if you want to achieve complete sales enlightenment.

But first, before we dive into this, we should note that while we have some generalized notion of “selling” modern sales organizations have grown in complexity and have evolved into a roster of functions — such as marketing, business development, closing, account management, and customer success — that require different specialized skill sets for their respective teams.

Table of Contents

What Are Hard Skills In Sales?
What Are Qualities of a Good Salesperson?

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