Writing Better Classified Ads



Writing Better Classified Ads

Classified Advertising in newspapers is a great way to quickly and inexpensively advertise your business, announce a special, recruit employees, etc. Because they can be such an effective way to get your message out… some tips on Classified Ad writing bare repeating.  Here are some ways to improve your classified ads.

1) Keep it Simple.

When writing a print advertisement, especially a newspaper classified ad, it is important to remember that space is limited. As an expert on your product, you could probably write four, well thought out, articulate pages of text, explaining every aspect of your product.

However, what you are able to do and what works as a classified ad are two very different things. In the Newsletter, we discussed “Keeping it Simple.” Keeping it simple is a way for you to evaluate your product and figure out what is most important, or what…

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