10 Prospecting Tips From Top-Performing Salespeople


by Dave Warawa

Prospecting for new business is a necessity.  Our sales training workshops in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary always drill this into the minds of Professional Salespeople.  No one ever disagrees.  In fact, when I ask the question “Who prospects for new business?” everyone’s hands go up.  “Now keep your hand in the air if you have a specific prospecting strategy on paper and are following it.”  When I ask the second question, very few hands are left.  Your discipline in creating a prospecting strategy and following it will take your sales from average to great.

Every Salesperson realizes the importance of prospecting. Every Salesperson prospects. I know that some Sales Managers and Business Owners may disagree with these two statements. They may say that if that was true, then every Salesperson would be great at new business development. Yet, we know that many of us aren’t.


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