6 Phrases to Purge From Your Sales Pitch (and 5 to Use Instead)


by May Habib

Words matter.

According to a Salesforcestudy, a UK-based company saw a 139% increase in its conversion rate by simply changing their landing page’s headline from “Request a demo” to “Watch a demo now.”

The right words can give you the boost you need to make a winning sales pitch every time. But similarly, some words may break your flow, weaken your pitch, or put your prospects off.

This raises an obvious question.

Which words and phrases should you avoid in sales, and which are the secret to closing the deal?

6 Words and Phrases to Avoid

First, let’s look at the words and phrases I think should be banned from every salesperson’splaybook, both in the deck and your pitch.

These are phrases that water down your promises and kill deals.

“Always,” “never,” and other absolutes

Nuance is essential — absolute terms like “always

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