How to Close a Sale (15 Sales Closing Techniques)


There’s nothing more important in the world of sales than closing. Seriously. You can reach out to the best qualified prospects in the world, and you can enter them into a world-class nurturing sequence. But if you can’t ultimately get them to pull the trigger and close the deal, all of that effort will have been for nothing.

Unfortunately, 30% of salespeople say “closing deals has gotten harder compared to 2 to 3 years ago,” according to Hubspot research. If you’re falling below the average sales close rate of 20%, it’s time to up your game. Give the following 15 closing techniques a try on your next call.

What Are Sales Closing Techniques?

We all understand that “closing the deal” is about persuading your lead to buy from you.

But more specifically, it’s about transitioning from your pitch – during which you’ve talked about the various benefits of your product and how it answers your lead’s problems –…

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