12 Cringe-Inducing Mistakes Salespeople Make on Prospecting Calls


Written by Bill Cates | @Bill_Cates

Prospecting calls are an invaluable tool in every good salesperson’s repertoire. You can find out more information on a five-minute call with someone than you can in a multiple-email exchange, if you play your cards right. But on the rare occasion that a prospect picks up the phone and wants to talk, many reps squander their opportunity.

The 12 behaviors below are a quick checklist of classic telephone prospecting mistakes you can refer to before your next call. Are you making any of them? If so, take action to correct your behavior before you sabotage your next outreach call.

12 Common Sales Prospecting Call Mistakes

1) Opening the call with “How are you today?”

This smacks of telemarketing — and bad telemarketing at that. This is not a question you ask a stranger, unless you want to put them on the defensive immediately. Since you haven’t scheduled…

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