Selling Techniques for The Digital Era


by Brian

Selling techniques are a moveable feast, to keep pace with the dynamic change in the selling environment as digital channels overtake traditional B2B sales methods.
The role of a salesperson is to be effective, so your sales activity facilitates the decision making for the customer.  To do this, you must be able to.
Open meaningful conversations with a customer.
Understand the business issues of the customer.
Help customers to understand these issues.
Build an effective solution.
Link your solution to the identified issues.

Change Your Mindset in your Selling Techniques

Before you work on your selling techniques, consider changing your perception of what it means to be in sales today. Sales techniques are not about picking up the phone or sending LinkedIn messages to people you know nothing or little about.

Selling is about the exchange of real value, if you have real value to offer somebody and…

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