8 Reasons Why Websites are Essential to All Small Businesses


Why you need a website

8 Reasons Why Websites are Essential to All Small Businesses

Last year COVID drastically changed the way we do business. Lockdowns hurt the profitability of many struggling small businesses, and, to survive, many of them took to the internet to see if they could reach their customers online.

Businesses have been transitioning to digital to reach new markets and boost sales for years, but the lockdowns of 2020 and the challenges of the past year increased this focus significantly. Now that more businesses are looking to establish themselves online due to the pandemic, it makes sense that the old way of doing business just isn’t coming back.

For web designers, this newly fueled demand has led to a recent boom in business. Many SiteSwan Website Resellers have experienced significant growth throughout the last 12 months as more and more businesses scramble to get online.  As we enter a post-COVID…

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