24 things you absolutely must do if you want to be respected by others


by Lachlan Brown

Everybody wants to be liked and respected.

But while it’s impossible to be liked by everyone, it is possible to be respected.

A key reason for that is respect mostly about being steadfast in your convictions.

You’ll never please everyone, but if you stick to your principles and remain true to who you are, you’ll always be respected.

In this article, I’m going to go through the quickest and easiest ways to gain respect from others.

1. Respect other people

Let’s call this the “chicken-and-egg relationship”. If you respect other people, then they’ll be more likely to respect you.

It doesn’t matter who you’re dealing with, whether you consider them “lower” or “higher” than you, it’s imperative that you treat them the same way and give them the respect every human deserves.

If you talk down to someone or suck up to others, you’re losing a sense…

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