How To Build Brand Trust, and Why It’s the Ultimate Currency


If leaders visibly, vocally, and measurably build organic trust, employees feel pride and become brand ambassadors, while customers and clients will help live your company’s mission.

by Ari Bendersky

Ultimately, to earn and build trust, you need to act with honesty and integrity. [GAIL ARMSTRONG]

“And that’s the way it is.” With that line, night after night for nearly 20 years, Walter Cronkite signed off his evening newscast. Americans tuned in to watch the iconic CBS News anchor, named the most trusted man in America, to deliver the day’s happenings. Though not a business leader, Cronkite still served viewers with the calm authority and no-fuss perspective we associate with the most effective executives. Why did his approach resonate with the public? 

Cronkite earned trust through honesty and integrity and by selflessly promoting the facts – while even occasionally wearing his emotions on his sleeve. When breaking the news to Americans that President…

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