Interview questions to ask when hiring for remote positions


by Beth Braccio Herin

Figuring out interview questions to ask a candidate applying for a remote position at your company involves covering two essential areas. First, you need to gather information to determine whether or not the person has the skills and experience to perform the expected duties and meet organizational needs – regardless of location. Second, you must ask interview questions specifically targeted at judging the applicant’s potential success in a remote environment.

As you develop a list of interview questions to ask when hiring for remote positions, here are some things to think about:

Gain an understanding of the candidate’s ability to do the job

No sense worrying about someone’s telecommuting capabilities until you learn more about his education, work history, and qualifications. If hiring a software developer, for instance, you’d first want to be sure of the applicant’s mastery of programming languages important to your projects and…

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