About Us

cropped-aibeiaiaaabeclgu3zue_quooqeic3zjyxjkx3bob3rvkig0ymu0ownlmzvimtc2yzy3zwjjymi0njnkoguwy2m2zthmn2vkogq4maeys2rxr2ndelvqatzost29bhu-qg3.jpgPaperChain is the unified network of free community papers spanning North America.

PaperChain is the Industry Voice for its 13 states, regional and national associations. We combine the power of North America’s community papers, which includes hundreds of unique publications totaling millions of circulation each week.

The mission of PaperChain is to promote Community Papers and our Industry.

PaperChain member publications are:


  • Community Newspapers
  • Shopping Guides
  • Entertainment, Weeklies
  • Business News
  • Niche Publications

And are targeted to reach readers of various lifestyles :

  • Family
  • Alternative
  • Religious
  • Professional
  • Ethnic
  • Affluent
  • Baby Boomers
  • Suburban
  • Arts & Cultural
  • Multilingual
  • Employment

Hometown Community Papers, the best things in life are still free:

For over 200 years, local community papers have endured, grown and evolved to continually provide news, opportunity, and information that s relevant, interesting and unsurpassed value to advertisers.

Today free community papers are published in every major market and nearly every town throughout the country with a combined circulation that exceeds all paid dailies.

Leading the Trend:

From whence it all began, free community papers were embraced by a community and its people. From there, an idea came forth to force consumers to pay for news and information. For awhile this methodology worked, however in recent years the industry has shifted with paid media on the decline, and local media flourishing.

Exceptional Value & Opportunity:

Local community papers can be nimble, responsive and best of all, capable of customizing programs to meet the unique needs of media buyers and their clients.

Flexibility With Uniformity:

is key to an effective media buy. We can customize your ad buy to target your message.

With PaperChain membership, local newspapers and shopping guides have joined together to meet the standards of today’s media buyer. Do the research and reap the benefits of PaperChain s flexibility with uniformity – circulation, quality production, and proof of performance.