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PaperChain, the free paper industry’s unified network, has developed Link & Learn, an ongoing series of educational materials designed to inform publication staff and train sales representatives.  Not only is standardized training and education crucial in the development of industry recognition, but it also helps publication staff sell and promotes their individual papers more effectively.

Link & Learn issues will cover a variety of topics, including the history of the free paper industry, where to look for advertising prospects and why it pays to advertise with the free community paper.  PaperChain will distribute a new issue each month through its member associations.

A pdf file of each issue will also be available for download.

PaperChain has made an educational program part of its mission in serving its member papers and increasing their profitability.  Link & Learn provides the educational tools needed to increase a paper’s sales and profits. Take advantage of this program and see how PaperChain can help take your paper to a new level.


What Is The Free Paper Industry All About?

Free papers have always filled a unique media niche.  Since the 1400s, when the first community paper was printed in England, these publications have reached readers at the grassroots level. They’ve served as community resources by providing everything from neighborhood news and event calendars to weekly retail specials. Whether it’s the independently-owned hometown paper or the shoppers’ guide, free community papers have traditionally been one of the most highly received and highly read print mediums available.

The industry’s evolution includes these important historical events:

  • 1921: The first regularly distributed American free paper is produced in Cleveland, Ohio, in an effort to compete against high advertising rates of paid dailies.
  • 1928: Third class mail, also known as bulk mail, makes delivery more affordable for publishers and stimulates the growth of free papers nationwide.
  • 1950s: Free paper associations begin to develop throughout the U.S., bringing stability, standards, and strength to the industry.
  • 2002: The free paper industry commissions the Delta Project, a national research study to investigate the gap in national advertising earnings. Compelling results help form a focused vision for the industry’s future.
  • 2002: The free paper associations of North America unite under the representative network PaperChain and launch a cooperative marketing plan to bring recognition to the industry.

The free paper industry is a growing force with phenomenal advertising potential at local, regional and national levels. PaperChain’s network circulation has already topped 53 million, which is more than paid daily papers combined. As circulation continues to increase with population growth, free papers will gain even more recognition as a powerful media source.



Link & Learn

Habits #6 & #7: Synergize & Sharpening the Saw
It’s Showtime
Value vs. Price
Who Needs Training?
Bouncing Back from Tough Times
FAB Selling
Every Call A Sales Call
Are You A Leader?
“In This Recession”
Advertising Budgets
Recipe for Sales Success
Sales Manager Part 2
Sales Manager Part 3
Unique Power of Print
Going After The Big Fish
Planting The Seeds of Success
Selling Against Outdoor Advertising




PaperChain is the Big Idea that’s revolutionizing North America.

Back in Philadelphia in the 1770’s, a bunch of guys had the big idea that if everyone worked together towards the same common purpose, real change would come about. They figured that if they spoke with one voice, the chances of being heard were pretty good.

Our Big Idea is a lot like that. For a long time, community papers have successfully been going about their business without drawing much attention from the people making national media purchasing decisions because, well, we just weren’t on their radar screen.

Publishing Weekly Does Not Mean Performing Weakly

The days of anonymity are over. Together, community papers reach more readers than any other printed media. And now that we’re united under one flag – PaperChain – media planners and buyers have the audited resource they need to make millions of new impressions every week.

As an audited member publication of the Community Papers of Florida, you are a vital link in PaperChain. Please use the Link & Learn brochures below (or in the “PaperChain: Part 2” article below this one) to learn more about PaperChain yourself or to train your staff.

File Downloads

 Introduction to PaperChain
 Understanding the Advertiser’s Needs
 Let Your Fingers Do the Walking to Increased Sales
 Just for Openers
 Leave Me Some Literature and I’ll Get Back to You … NOT!
 ‘Tis the Season … to Sell
 Leave an Effective Message
 If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It
 Making Headlines
 Reading Customers’ Body Language
 Two Minute Think
 Three V’s for Victory
 Eat Your Broccoli
 Have a Great New Year
 How Much Does an Empty Table Cost?
 Dude, Print is So Twentieth Century. Online is Where It’s At … Or is it?
 Selling With Intelligence
 Our Partner, Gemstone Communications, Inc.
 The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Sales Rep: Habit 1, Be Proactive
 The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Sales Rep: Habit 2, Begin With the End in Mind
 The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Sales Rep: Habit 3, First Things First
 The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Sales Rep: Habit 4, Think Win-Win
 The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Sales Rep: Habit 5, Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood
 The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Reps: Habits 6 & 7, Synergize and Sharpen the Saw
 Meeting the Master
 When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Advertiser
 Time Warp Questions
 A Chicken in Every Pot
 The Truth About Time Management
 Tom Hopkins’ Method for Getting a Commitment to Company Goals Upon Hiring
 Holding On to Your Customers
 Drawing to a Close
 Do Your Ads Paint the Right Picture?
 Tangled Up in the Web
 Five Things You Can Do to Find New Business in Tough Times
 It’s Showtime!
 Planning to Succeed
 Is That Your Best Offer?
 Customers for Life
 Does a Positive Attitude Really Matter?
 Show & Sell
 Crafting Powerful Ads
 Doing the “Write” Thing
 E Pluribus Unum – Out of Many, One. Using promotional pages to hit your target.
 Just What the Doctor Ordered: Selling Advertising to Professionals
 What makes you think you’re so special? Developing and using USPs to get results for advertisers.
 Price vs. Value
 Who Needs Training?
 Bouncing Back from Tough Times
 You Win Some, You Lose Some
 “Planuary” – The First Month of Your Best Year Ever
 Once is Not Enough – Selling Frequency
 Selling in the New Economy
 S.P.I.C.E. Up Your Presentations
 Sending Effective E-mails
 Show Me the Money – Managing Your Collectibles
 Looking Good in Print
 FABulous Selling
 Every Call is a Sales Call
 Do you have what it takes to be a leader?
 Sending Effective E-mails
 Resolve to Make 2011 Your Best Year Ever!
 The Art of Coaching
 What Are Your Intentions?
 You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide; Reaching Decision Makers
 Mastering Your Territory
 D-I-Y Sales Management
 The Well-Read Sales Person
 Working the System – Successful Project Management
 Handling “In This Recession” Objections
 How much should I spend? Helping customers set up an advertising budget.
 The Recipe for Sales Success


File Downloads

 Lessons from Steve Jobs
 Five Secrets for Leading a Great Sales Meeting
 A Question of Success (Actually 5 Questions)
 How Important is Price?
 The Value of a Good Sales Manager
 Dealing With Objections
 10 Rules of Communication
 Cashing in on “Co-Opportunities”
 Three Roles of a Sales Manager
 The Three Roles of a Sales Manager, Part 2 – The administrator/enforcer role
 The Three Roles of a Sales Manager, Part 3: The trainer/coach role
 The Unique Power of Print
 Are Your Presentations … STICKY?
 Don’t Wish for a Happy New Year, Make it Happen!
 Defending Your Accounts From the Competition
 Mind Reading for Sales People
 The Power of Advertorials
 Raising the Dead (Accounts)
 To Get What You Expect, You Must Inspect!
 Finding the sharpest needle in the stack: Recruiting skills for managers
 The best way to foul up is not following up
 Take the Inside Track to More Sales
 Opening Minds Closing Sales
 30 Years 30 Lessons
 Going After the Big Fish – Selling Major Accounts
 Planting the Seeds of Success in the New Year
 Selling Against Outdoor Advertising
 Two Books + One Blog = A Better Salesperson
 Customers are Tuning Out Radio
 Partnership for Success
 Beyond Smiling & Dialing
 Link & Learn Hits a Milestone
 But I Thought You “Liked” Me
 Great Feedback = Great Sales Teams
 Once Upon a Sale
 Surviving & Thriving in Interesting Times
 Putting Track Shoes on the Gazelle
 Ask & Ye Shall Receive … the Sale
 Aristotle on Selling Advertising
 The Right Tool for the Job
 Five Steps to Creativity
 How Are You Doing With Those New Year’s Resolutions?
 Competing Against Social Media
 The Art of Deep Conversation
 Motivating and Compensating Your Sales Team
 Getting Them to Buy With a Little Help From Your Friends
 Overcoming the Toughest Objections
 Now Playing: Media Wars – the Print Force Awakens
 Making Change Happen!
 Finding the Right People for the Job
 Welcome to Our Company – Getting New Employees Off to a Good Start
 SRDS – Your Connection to National Advertisers
 Leaders Are Readers!
 Direct Mail – Competitor or Opportunity
 Dealing With National Agencies
 New Year – New Opportunities for Growth