The Mission of PaperChain


The Mission of PaperChain is to promote the Community Paper Industry.


Power of Community Papers

Hundreds of hometown publications each with each with proven, powerful purchase intent scores across shopping categories


The tried and true analysis of CPM, reach, penetration and circulation remain essential. Today’s advertisers and agencies are charged with the difficult task of creating targeted ad buy in a complex, often overcrowded information world.

All aspects considered, the value is truly measured by the results — and local community papers deliver now more than ever!


Empower Your Media Buy. simplifies the media buying process. Community papers provide a quantifiable response. Researching hometown papers is now easier than ever before.
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Unparalleled service from local experts who live and breath their local communities. Market knowledge rooted in tradition and performance.


96.9% receivership
75.1% readership
74.0% of readers make their buying decisions from free newspaper advertising and editorial.


Media buying has taken on an entirely new meaning and scope within the last decade, reaching new levels of negotiation, target marketing, and quantitative performance. With the preponderance of online media, free media and fluctuations within the industry, advertisers, and agencies are charged with the mounting challenges in research and planning within a complex world.

Ultimately print media decisions come down to the analysis of circulation in relation to professional RPR. When researching free community papers, independent auditors state that the Reach, Penetration and Readership formula determines the best performing publications from the rest.

The REACH aspect of the formula tests the quality and reliability of a publication’s print run in combination with the methods of distribution ” whether by a carrier, mail or controlled bulk. Currently, CVC, one of the nation s most respected independent media auditing companies, reports a national average of 96.9% receivership for free local community papers.

PENETRATION is where community papers are second to none. No other form of print or electronic media compares to free paper market penetration — whether you desire to target a specified demographic or a geographic region. Best of all, community papers are a true reflection of the market they serve and the market buyers seek to promote their clients in.

Today s method of marketing is more targeted than ever. Whether readers seek information on sports, family, business, and politics or lifestyle and entertainment, free papers are designed with the community they serve in mind.

Proof of READERSHIP requires auditor-to-reader contact in order to provide media buyers and publishers with the assurance that hometown community papers are more than just delivered. The national average for community paper readership is 75.1%. That’s more than 3 out of every 4 households — and typically at a CPM that is equally unparalleled.

In addition, readers of community newspapers report 74.0% of their buying decisions are made from free community paper advertising and editorial.

PaperChain was founded on the principals of professional quality, service and production, circulation, value-added advertiser relationships and reliable results.

Empower your media buy with community publications. Research and explore the most extensive free community paper research database and directory at your fingertips. And Contact us for more details about the power and value PaperChain publishers and member associations have to offer.

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Save time and money buying direct.

PaperChain is your resource for:

  • Remarkable advertising opportunities to reach thousands to tens of millions of proven consumers.
  • Quality production and proof of performance by established hometown publications.
  • Searchable online database and nationwide directory for media buyers for placement in individual or thousands of local publications.


What do our reader households have in common?

PaperChain links together one of the largest networks of community paper associations and their member publications across the nation.

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