5 Ways You’re Killing Your Deals Without Realizing It


5 Ways You’re Killing Your Deals Without Realizing It

By Ken Kupchik

Imagine if you could close a deal based on every presentation. Wouldn’t that be great? Unfortunately, not even the best salesperson can close 100% of the time. That being said, many salespeople are letting potential deals pass them by without realizing it, allowing prospects that should have become customer spend their money elsewhere.

Salespeople lose deals for reasons that are typically easy to identify, including price, features, or timing. But there are other reasons that are difficult to pin down, and therefore much harder to correct. Here’s a list of some ways you could be inadvertently killing your own deals without realizing it:

1. Low enthusiasm

Brian Tracy often says “sales is the transfer of enthusiasm” from the seller to the buyer. If you remember when you first started selling, you were probably a bit nervous but you were equally enthusiastic. Everything was new and the possibilities…

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